Welcome back to Friday Favorites, a weekly round-up of finds related to prayer and writing. If I think something could help you pray or write better, or just “be” better, I’ll include it below.

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The Blessing of the In-Between Space via Leah Abraham (on the in-between spaces in the journey of life) #WOCwithpens

Joy & My Writing Tribe via Jasminne Mendez (finding joy even when someone tries to rob you of it) #WOCwithpens

God’s Greening Work via Laura M. Fabrycky (let the medieval mystic Hildegard of Bingen and the Latin concept of viriditas help you welcome in the season of spring) #Lent

Why Many Evangelicals Struggle with Prayer (TLDR: We’re Winging It) via Ed Cyzewski (why it’s good to join with the community of saints when you pray)

How Far Will You Walk to Get to Jerusalem via Lisa Deam (listen in as I’m interviewed on KFUO radio about medieval pilgrimage and our own journey of faith) #Lent

Literature as a Gospel Forerunner: Finding Hope in A Wrinkle in Time via Tatyana Claytor (a great post about climbing the rungs of stories to reach the Gospel)

The Secret to Being Fully Present via Ann Patchett (Ann Patchett, an author I love, talks about reading as an antidote to fragmentation and distraction. I think writing is also a wonderful way to be more fully present, don’t you?)