Welcome to Friday Favorites! This week, Prasanta Verma and I bring you a collection of links on poetry, stories, witness, writing, and . . . eternity! We hope they prompt you to reflect and to hold on to faith. Read, listen, and be blessed.


Water; A Poem via Ana Lisa de Jong (a beautiful prayer poem about trust)

Matins via Louise Glück (a poem from the Nobel Prize winner in literature)

This eternal moment via Simon Parke (when eternity pricks the present moment, we can see past our past and believe that all is well)

Stories as Service via Festival of Faith and Writing (this podcast episode looks back at past FFW speakers on this theme)

Your Witness Is Showing via Collin Huber (speak, post, debate, and vote, but do so with your allegiance to Christ on full display)

Letter Writing as a Powerful Prompt via Stuart Horwitz (how the quaint art of letter writing can benefit our other writing projects)


Each Friday I share some of my favorite finds related to praying or writing. If I think it could help you pray or write better, or just “be” better, I’ll include it below.

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My morning prayers keep me focused on the Holy Spirit’s presence via Mary Lee Wile (kitchen prayers for discerning the day’s path)

Rewrite Radio #14: Brian Doyle 2012 via the Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing (writer Brian Doyle, who passed away two weeks ago, talks about the power of bearing witness via the stories we tell)

Dealing with writer’s envy via Heather Walker Peterson (on the dark side of writer friendships)

How to Immediately Improve Your Query Letter’s Effectiveness via Jane Friedman (valuable practical advice for your novel queries)

Discover Your Writing Self via Andi Cumbo-Floyd (take this writing course from Andi in July)

Rough Drafts. The Struggle is Real via Stephanie S. Smith (inspiring words on taking risks and “spending it all” on your rough draft)