Each Friday I share some of my favorite finds related to praying or writing. If I think it could help you pray or write better, or just “be” better, I’ll include it below.

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Daily Lectio Divina: Mother Theodora via Laura Cavanaugh (a guided lectio divina podcast featuring one of the desert mothers)

Be Still, Life: A Songlike Illustrated Invitation to Living with Presence via Brain Pickings (a book about living with wakefulness to the world)

Unexpected Friendship in a Cup of Cold Water via Dorina Lazo Gilmore (sometimes friendships can start with a simple act of [awkward] hospitality)

Neighborly Bread via Laura M. Fabrycky (this is a beautiful essay on embodied learning and kneading life)

Do I Pray for the Wrong Reasons? via Ed Cyzewski (do we sometimes pray just to get results? Thomas Merton is on the case…)

Does my life have meaning? via Parker Palmer (grappling with a big question and learning to embrace the mystery of our life)

Why Publish? Why Write? via Glynn Young (why do you want to write or publish? It’s worth asking yourself these questions along with Glynn)