Featured Contemplative Book: Immortal Diamond

Week Four: Love

Immortal Diamond by RohrI used to speak of God being apart from myself, but Richard Rohr has helped me look at scripture with new eyes. For instance, Paul writes:

“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth, for you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.”
Colossians 3:2-3, NRSV

Our lives are hidden in Christ? In other words, after all of the times I’ve asked God to “show up,” I’ve missed the fact that I’m hidden in Christ. This divine union forms the backbone of Rohr’s writing.

The presence of God we seek and even fear losing because of our imperfections has been among us all along. Even as we reach out for God, God is already holding us. When we fear we are falling away, we are already being held.

May we find comfort today in the loving embrace of God.

Here is the final list of quotes from Immortal Diamond this month.


“It is almost impossible to fall in love with majesty, power, or perfection. These make us fearful and codependent, but seldom truly loving. On some level, love can only happen between equals, and vulnerability levels the playing field. What Christians believe is that God somehow became our equal when he became the human “Jesus,” a name that is, without doubt, the vulnerable name for God.”


“Your False Self is how you define yourself outside of love, relationship, or divine union. After you have spent many years laboriously building this separate self, with all its labels and preoccupations, you are very attached to it. And why wouldn’t you be? It’s what you know and all you know. To move beyond it will always feel like losing or dying…”


“Longing for God and longing for our True Self are the same longing. And the mystics would say that it is God who is even doing the longing in us and through us…”


“The Risen Christ is the standing icon of humanity in its final and full destiny. He is the pledge and guarantee of what God will do with all of our crucifixions. At last, we can meaningfully live with hope. It is no longer an absurd or tragic universe. Our hurts now become the home for our greatest hopes.”



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Even as we reach out for God, God is already holding us.

Week 4 Featured book April 25 2016