Featured Book: The Ragamuffin Gospel

Week Three: God’s Command for Stillness

As we prepare our family to move this week, I’m going to keep things on the shorter side. And what could be a better challenge in the midst of so much moving than the command from God to be “still” and know that I am God?

We are continuing our feature of Manning’s The Ragamuffin Gospel this month where he reflects on the love of God and the meaning of the cross:


The ragamuffin church is comfortable with periods of silence, sitting still, listening attentively, and experiencing the divine presence. “Be still and acknowledge that I am God” (Psalm 46:10) is not merely a pious suggestion, but a divine injunction. Page 220


Alan Jones notes, “The most difficult part of mature faith is to allow ourselves to be the object of God’s delight.” Page 223


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For Reflection

Are you feeling able to be still or are you always on the go in this season?

How can you make space to be still before God today?