Scripture Meditation: A Love That Stays When We Fail

“The Lord is merciful and gracious,¬†slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.”

Psalm 103:8 NRSV


bible-1440953-1279x852How does God respond to our unfaithfulness and failures? By standing by us and continuing to love us.

Do we believe God is still loving us while we fail and struggle?

I can believe that God still loves someone else who fails or falls into sin, but that’s much harder for my own sins. I’m far more likely to imagine a God who is fed up with me. I should know better by now and this time I’ve just gone too far.¬†

A God who abounds in love can’t help but be steadfast, standing by people who are unfaithful and fail. How else can God transform us than remaining by our sides with his grace and mercy when we are at our lowest points?


Personal Reflection

When did you fail today?

Imagine God reaching out to you right now in love despite that failure.

Take a moment to sit with the idea that God is “abounding in love.”